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Intro to PureMVC for Flash & Flex

Event posted 05/30/09 by johnbarrett1 last edited 05/30/09
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Intro to PureMVC for Flash & Flex


Samuel Asher Rivello



AGENDA: RMC’s principal Samuel Asher Rivello will bring 2 exclusive nights of training to Honolulu from Venice, California.

Rivello Multimedia Consulting (RMC) focuses on four services for Adobe Flash CS4 and Flex 3; software architecture, consulting, development, and training.

For the second night of the event, there will an inspiring talk & demonstration on "PureMVC"

Bring your flash development skills to a new level, with PureMVC!

This event will demonstrate everything you need to know to beging using PureMVC in flash/flex, or it will help you take your skills to the next level! This event is not to be missed, trust me!

Please check Samuel's blog for complete details about this event:


This is for the second night (June 16th, 2009)

Please "RSVP" if you are planning to attend, as there is lots of work that need to be completed for the event,not to mention to plan for food!